2021 Vendor Booth Application and Payment

Please enter information on this form to apply for a booth.

We need a number from each applicant who will be making sales that day, which the Utah Tax Commission will use to assign you a one day special event sales tax form for the day of the fair. This number can be one of the following

  • Federal tax id number
  • Utah Tax Commission Sales Tax Account number
  • Utah Division of Corporations Business Entity Number

If an individual, we will contact you for either a Utah Drivers License Number or a Social Security Number.

We need one of those pieces of information from each vendor who will be making sales on the day of the Fair. If you are just handing out info, like a non-profit or a government agency, we do not need a number.

Note: You are applying for a booth. By applying and paying you are not guaranteed a spot in the Fair. Vendors not selected will be refunded 100% of the application fee.
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