Volunteer Application

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Block Captains - Fair day begins at 6 AM and involves directing traffic and helping ensure vendors are setting up at the correct location. Maps and lists are provided
  • Equipment Crew Pre-Fair - Set up begins at 6 AM and involves dispersing tables, chairs, and water stations to their designated locations, and helping set up tents for the GACC-sponsored booths. 
  • Electrical Crew - Works with homeowners who have already agreed to provide electricity and water to the vendors and stages, by running power cords and hoses to those who have requested it. Work begins as soon as vendors begin arriving. 
  • Peoples’ Art Gallery - This booth needs volunteers to help keep an eye on the artwork and to pass and collect ballots for the People's Choice Award. There are several shifts throughout the day. 
  • Children’s Parade - A couple of volunteers help to organize the Children's Parade that kicks off the festivities. Some years, musicians are needed to form a "Marching Band" to lead the Parade.
  • Children’s Area -Work with other volunteers to supervise and organize children's activities. Face painters are especially welcome!
  • Opportunity Drawing Booth - Volunteers work 2 hours shifts selling tickets to the Opportunity Drawing.
  • GACC Booth - Headquarters for the Fair! Volunteers work 2 hour shifts, selling T-shirts, bags, and answering questions.
  • Equipment Crew Post Fair - This works opposite of the Pre-Fair crew and begins work at 6 PM. This is a great opportunity for individuals or a group looking for community service hours. 
  • Tax forms and Business signs - 
  • Trash, Recycling & Drinking Water - Volunteers periodically check on the bins and water stations, change out the bins when full and replenish the water containers and cups as necessary. Can actually be done while you are strolling the Fair. 
  • Stage Managers - Check in the arriving bands and keeping the sets on schedule. 

You will be contacted, usually by email, to confirm your volunteer opportunity.

Complete the Volunteer Application

Questions? Contact the 2020 Street Fair Committee Chairperson Daniel Gaffin for more info at .

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