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2019 Vendor Booth Applications

We are now accepting applications for booth vendors for the 2019 Avenue Street Fair.  Click the red button below to apply. 

Contact s with any questions about applying to be a vendor at the Avenues Street Fair

Booths & Prices

  • Food Vendor: $150 + $50 security refundable deposit; includes water and power.
  • Retail Vendor: $100 + $50 security refundable deposit.
  • Political Booth: $100 + $50 security refundable deposit
  • Non-Profit Organization: $80 +$50 security refundable deposit; not allowed to sell anything.
  • Government Agency: complimentary in most cases
  • Children's Booth: $25 + $50 security refundable deposit; must be an Avenues resident and the child's hand-made arts or crafts.

How to Apply

  • Click the red button below to apply.
  • Booth applications must be received by August 15 to avoid a late fee
  • All applications received after August 15 will be charged a late fee of $15.00 in addition to regular booth fees.
  • All applicants will be notified if they get a booth no later than August 31.

Click Here to complete Your Vendor Application

All applications will be processed and credit cards charged at the time of application.  If you are not assigned a booth, your fees will be refunded in full.

Email  if you cannot apply online and you would like a printable, mailable vendor booth application.  

Booth Guidelines

Because of limitations placed on the Fair by the Police and Fire Department, we are allowed a total of 200 booths. This includes all arts, crafts, food, government and non-profit information booths. The Booth Selection Committee will review all booth applications. Preference will be given to locally hand-made arts and crafts, and to Avenues-based businesses, and local government agencies and non-profit organizations.  We try to achieve a variety of arts and crafts at each year’s Fair, and we allow local non-profit organizations and various government agencies a booth to provide important information to those who attend the Fair. We also make sure that we have a variety of food choices.


1. Multi-level marketing products such as Scentsy, Nuskin, Young Living, doTerra, Neways, Younique, Xango, Jamberry, etc.

2. Personal Services agents such as Doctors, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Financial Services agents, Investments.

3. Mass Produced, commercially produced, or bulk imported items.  (We want locally hand-made arts and crafts.)

4. Yard Sale type vendors.

Email  if you have any questions if your products would be a good fit at our event.

All decisions of the committee are final. We have the right to decline any vendor, and all booth fees will be refunded in full if not accepted.

Email  if you would like a printable, mailable booth application emailed to you.

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