Featured Artists

Every year, the Avenues Street Fair Committee selects a different local artist to create an original painting or digital work of art that represents the Artist's concept of what 'The Avenues' means to them. This image becomes our visual theme for the Street Fair. Featured Artist artwork is printed on t-shirts, reusable shopping bags and in digital and print media. The Featured Artist also is given a complimentary booth at the fair, where you can see (and possibly purchase) the original artwork, as well some of their other work.

The Greater Avenues is now accepting Statements of Interest from prospective Street Fair Featured Artists. The selected artist provides a unique and original painting or digital art piece that represents the artist's concept of what ' The Avenues' means to them. This image becomes the visual theme for the Street Fair.
The statements are due by April 5th. The Street Fair Committee will select the Featured Artist and notify all candidates by the end of April. The artwork is due by May 15th and is then used in all Street Fair promotional items, with the original artwork remaining the property of the artist.  If you are interested, please contact Daniel Gaffin. More information can be found by clicking here.

Our 2019 Featured Artist was outdoor adventurer and artist  Gunter Radinger. He has created this original painting which was the theme of last year's Avenues Street Fair:


Gunter began painting at a young age and has pursued art ever since. He is totally self-taught and is always looking to better his art through
experimentation with many types of techniques, styles and subjects. Many of his works have been sold at private showings and Gunter
has completed numerous commissions. His goal is to begin exhibiting his work at galleries to market them to a larger audience. He is also
accepting new commissions.
His inspiration comes from years of travel to many places in the world, and from a variety of experiences and situations which have
influenced his thoughts. He loves the natural surroundings in Utah.Scenes of the West including western-style portraits are of special interest
and inspiration for him. Much of his work centers on the Western Heritage which residents of Utah and the surrounding States have in great 
abundance. Gunter's many friends have also brought back images from their travels which he then reproduces in painted form through his unique

Gunter and his wife also own The Oxford Shoe Shop in downtown Salt Lake City where some
of his work is on display. Stop by and say hello!
His art is also visible on the web at https://www.oxfordshop.biz/?page_id=330, and on his Facebook page at

Download more information on the Avenues Street Fair Featured Artist Program and see the work of past Featured Artists.