Activities with Neighbors

Our goal is to come together as the Greater Avenues Neighborhood on the traditional day of the street fair by celebrating each other. That will look different on each block and each household. Listed below are some ideas the Street Fair Committee came up with. The ideas are limitless. Send us pictures of what you’ve done on your block - @AVENUESSTREETFAIR on Instagram or Facebook. Let's come together by staying safe.

  • Please social distance and wear a mask
  • Please be Respectful and Kind
  • Please no large gatherings


  • Celebrate the Avenues at home in your front yard
  • Organize a social distance block party
  • Plan a celebration now for when this is all over
  • Share your talents with neighbors, e.g. a band playing from the front porch

Children’s Activities

  • Sidewalk Chalk Art
  • Paint small rocks with inspirational messages and leave on the porch or in a garden
  • Plan an ‘Easter Egg’ Hunt for real items or pictures in windows
  • Download a PDF of the Street Fair Artwork to color

Good Neighbor Activities

  • Get to know a Neighbor you don’t already know
  • Check in on Neighbors
  • Hold a Virtual Gathering for housebound neighbors

Know Your Neighborhood

  • Participate in the Avenues Scavenger Hunt
  • Talk a Walk around your neighborhood