Avenues Architectural Scavenger Hunt

This will be a fun little game to test your knowledge of your neighborhood.  The Greater Avenues Community Council is divided into 9 neighborhoods, as shown on the map below. There are pictures below from each of these areas.  See how many you can identify in your neighborhood. All items are visible in public areas. Most items are visible from the street, but a few may be in parks or other public areas.
Use the Contact menu above to submit your answers. (or send an email to ) Please use 'Scavenger Hunt' as the Subject. In the Message box, submit your answers and be sure to include which Area you're in. Whoever correctly identifies the most pictures in each area will win some vintage Avenues Street Fair swag. In the event of a tie, we will draw among the entries that are tied. 
We will post the correct answers on Monday, September 14th. So we need all entries to be submitted by the end of the day on Sunday, September 13th. 
Of course, you can always use these pictures as an excuse to get out and explore your neighborhood anytime. 

GACCAreaMap sm

 Area 1 Canyon Road and West Avenues

 Scavenger Hunt Area 1 1

 Scavenger Hunt Area 1 2


 Area 2 Ensign

Ensign 1Ensign 2

Area 3 Northcrest

Scavenger Hunt Area 3 1 Scavenger Hunt Area 3 2

Area 4 Mideast Avenues

Mid East 1  Mid East 2

Area 5 Midwest Avenues

 Scavenger Hunt Area 5 1

 Scavenger Hunt Area 5 2


 Area 6 Lindsey Gardens

 Lindsay Gardens 1

 Lindsay Gardens 2

 Lindsay Gardens 3

Area 7 Eastern Avenues

Scavenger Hunt area 7 1  

Scavenger Hunt area 7 2

Scavenger Hunt area 7 3

Area 8 Arlington Hills

   arl Hills 2  Arl Hills

Area 9 Federal Heights

 Fed Hts  Fed Hts 3

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