Featured Artist Program

Each year, the Avenues Street Fair Committee announces that applications are open for that year's Featured Artist Program.  Local artists send in their interest in being selected and submit examples of their work.  The Avenues Street Fair committee reviews the applications and selects the artist.  The artist then creates an original painting or digital work of art that represents the artist’s concept of what “the Avenues” means to them. Their creation becomes the official promotional art for that year's Fair, and is used on the the official event t-shirt, posters and other print ads, press releases, social media, the street fair web page, and all street fair promotional materials. 

The artist agrees that the Street Fair committee may use the image for street fair promotional purposes, and in return the artist is given a complimentary booth at the Fair to display and sell all their artwork.  The artist retains the ownership of their original piece of art and may sell it at the Fair. We ask that the artist have their original piece of art on display during the Fair. 

We are pleased to announce that the Featured Artist for the 2022 Avenues Street Fair is lifetime Avenues resident artist and interior designer Deborah Day. Below is her entry that captured the votes of this year's committee, and will become the theme art for this year's Fair.  


Born and raised in the Avenues, Deborah Day has been fortunate to have the rich tapestry of the neighborhood as a backdrop to her life. The Avenues' unique architecture and charming landscapes have been an inspiration and driving force in her passion as an artist and her career as an interior designer. Deborah comes from a long line of great artists, inspired by the work of her grandmother, great aunts and uncles, and especially her own brother, she has been driven to pursue art since childhood. Now she is inspiring her next generation by being a creative force to three budding artists of her own. Deborah's medium of choice is watercolor and she is most inspired by nature and historical architecture. She is very excited to be this year's Featured Artist offering original paintings and prints of her watercolor illustrations. We look forward to having Deborah and her art at the 2022 Avenues Street Fair as our Featured Artist!  Her booth will be located on the South side of 2nd Avenue just east of J Street next to the GACC Fair Headquarters booth.  See more of Deborah's art on Instagram: @d.day.watercolorSave the date, Saturday, September 10th and join us at the Avenues Street Fair!   

Shown below are the names and theme art images of past Avenues Street Fair Featured Artists. If you have an image of the Avenues Street Fair, photograph, t-shirt or poster that is not shown below, please contact .

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