Featured Artist

Each year, the Avenues Street Fair Committee selects a local artist to create an original painting or digital work of art that represents the artist’s concept of what “the Avenues” means to them. 

The Greater Avenues is now accepting Statements of Interest from prospective Street Fair Featured Artists. The selected artist provides a unique and original painting or digital art piece that represents the artist's concept of what ' The Avenues' means to them. This image becomes the visual theme for the Street Fair.
The statements are due by April 5th. The Street Fair Committee will select the Featured Artist and notify all candidates by the end of April. The artwork is due by May 15th and is then used in all Street Fair promotional items, with the original artwork remaining the property of the artist. The chosen artist is provided a complimentary booth at the Street Fair. If you are interested, please contact Daniel Gaffin. More information can be found by clicking here.


Our 2019 Featured Artist was Gunter Radinger. He has created this painting that was the theme art of the 2019 Avenues Street Fair:

Gunter Radinger art for online

More of Gunter's art can be seen HERE

Here is more information about the Avenues Street Fair's 2019 Featured Artist program: pdfFeatured Artist Program