Planning Starts for the 2018 Street Fair!

We hope you were able to enjoy the 2017 Avenues Street Fair. Now it's time for planning for the 2018 Street Fair, to be held Saturday, September 8th.  The first planning meeting will be held on March 10th at Sweet Library beginning at 10 AM. Anyone willing to volunteer is welcome to attend.  

Attention Avenues Artists!
The Street Fair Committee is now accepting Statements of Interest from prospective Street Fair Artists. The statements are due April 2. 
The selected artist provides a unique and original painting or digital art that represents the artist's concept of what " The Avenues" means to them. This image becomes the visual theme for the Street Fair.  The artwork from the selected artist is then due on 15 May and is used in all the Street Fair promotional items.
Download more information on the 2018 Featured Artist Program and see the work of past Featured Artists.

Send Statements of Interest to this year's chair, Daniel Gaffin, at

Check back later for information on how to participate as a vendor, entertainer, or in the People's Art Gallery. 

Mark your calendar now for the 2018 Fair,  scheduled for Saturday, 8 September. 

Celebrating Salt Lake City's Avenues Neighborhood

The Avenues Street Fair began in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the 1970s as a remodeling tool exchange. It expanded into a home tour event to see everyone's handiwork with the borrowed tools, and eventually became a true street fair and one of Utah’s premier community celebrations. Several thousand people now attend each year.

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